Have a look at the amazing qualities of PrimaCreator EasyPrint FLEX.

August 17, 2019

Have a look at the amazing qualities of PrimaCreator EasyPrint FLEX.

EasyPrint FLEX TPU is our latest flex material with focus on durability, flexibility and ease of use.
It is a TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethene) and is one of the most common used polymers for flexible materials.
TPU has many great benefits as it has minimal warping, low shrinkage, is very durable and resistant to most
chemicals and oils. EasyPrint FLEX TPU has a shore value of 95 A which you can compare to the rubber heel
of a shoe or a shopping cartwheel. Thanks to the relative high shore hardness it`s also very easy to use with
most printers. Even with printers that doesn`t have a direct drive, like Ultimaker or BCN3D Sigma for instance.

The “semi flex” formula in our material is wonderful. You can control the print with infill. For instance, if you
use less infill you will get a flexible, almost collapsible structure, that you can squeeze together but it will always
return to its previous shape. If you use more infill you will get a print that is more like hard rubber (think care
tire). This, of course, opens for a very wide range of applications such as handles for bikes, shock absorbers,
rubber seals, and insoles for shoes. Our TPU boasts with a massive 400% elongation at break.

Due to the very low shrinkage EasyPrint FLEX TPU is very easy to use in all FDM/FFF printers. The chances
of warping are very small with EasyPrint FLEX and it works well without a heated build plate, but for larger
prints and the absolute best results we recommend a heated build plate. A temperature setting of 40-60°C, and
a coat of PrimaFIX will make for a very good adhesion. Please keep in mind that TPU is hydroscopic, meaning
that it will absorb water if not stored correctly in a bag with silica gel bags or similar. If this should happen, you
can always dry it in your oven for about 1 hour in 70° C and the TPU will be as good as new. Flex materials is
best printed in slow speeds around 15-30mm/s.

Tips for good results: 
• Print in low speeds, 15-30mm/s
• Use heated bed if you have one
• Keep the filament dry at all times

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