Test 1

October 06, 2017

Test 1

“Thruster” on his first impressions of Prima SELECT PLA

I have tested this new PLA filament and wanted to share my findings here. All tests are done on my N1 with a Bondtech extruder.
After calibration cube the first thing i printed was a figurine to get the feel for it. It came out absolutley gorgues with Satin White. I printed it with 200C and 0.2 layers and 60mm/s.

Next test was with another color, Silver. It had some small metallic shiny flakes in it, not sure if i like that or not. I used same settings as before and printed this eagle. I had some small curling up going on due to overhangs and to weak part cooling fan. But overall it looks really good imo.

Next test i did was a warping test and agian i noticed som curling up in the corners so i lowerd hotend temp from 200c to 180c and bed from 60c to 40c. It fixed the problem and part warped alost nothing at all. Much less then with ABS ofcourse and about the same as regular PLA i would say.

Ok, this is hard to test. But i compared 3D Prima Select vs Prima Value and Hobbyking PLA.
I hava twisted tested track connections ect and my findings is this. Regular PLA (Value/Hobbyking) snaps right off when bending it. Prima Select behaves alot more like ABS, it gives up slowly and to break it right off you have to twist it a few time before fully broken.
The force to break it is about the same, or mabey i need abit more force to break regular PLA. Really hard to tell when break point is so different.
I also tested those track connections. Regular PLA just broke first or second try every time. Prima Select did not break even after like 50 times trying. So real big difference in strenght with those small tabs.
Now i feel like i have tested this as much that i can. i hope this was helpful to someone altleast. :)

Oh, and of course a 3DBench