PrimaCreator Direct Drive Extruder for CR10/Ender 3 Series

  • PrimaCreator Direct Drive Extruder for CR10/Ender 3 series

    *Without motor


    • Dual-drive gear
    • Hardened steel with RNC nano coating
    • Adjustable filament grip
    • High precision sharp curve teeth
    • Short, highly constrained filament path
    • Prints flexible filaments with high speed and accuracy
    • Small gear clearance of the filament feeding port
    • Lightweight aluminum body


    • Creality CR-10
    • Creality CR-10-S5
    • Creality CR-10-S4
    • Creality CR-10S
    • Creality CR-10 MINI
    • Creality CR-20 / Creality CR-20 Pro
    • Ender 2
    • Ender 3
    • Ender 3 Pro
    • Ender 3 V2 *Fits V2 with printable Fan Shroud 

    Notice! Manufactures sometimes change the hardware on printers. Make sure that the feeding gear can be removed from the motor shaft. If you cannot remove the stock feeding gear, you need to replace the motor. *There is no motor included in the package