PrimaCreator Value UV / DLP Resin Super Strong

  • When you want astonishing results for less cost than many other brands - PrimaCreator VALUE resin should be your first choice.

    • Great flexibility, strength and very high impact resistance
    • Very easy to use
    • Low odour

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    • When you want astonishing results for less cost than many other brands - PrimaCreator VALUE resin should be your first choice!

      Resin from our VALUE line is a high-quality resin made from the best materials.
      Your prints cures in sunlight or a UV curing chamber.

      The finished print is a solid color part with a beautiful matte surface with excellent details and smooth layer transitions.
      Super Strong resin has the added benefit of being much more flexible and stronger than normal resin, even stronger than ABS like resins. It's also less brittle which means that it can be bent and still go back to its original shape.
      Super Strong resin is perfect for model making, engineering and spare parts. This resin is also very suitable for functional prototyping as it is tough enough to be handled, glasses is a great example of a product that must be strong but pliable.

      VALUE resin is developed to perform well on low powered DLP machines such as the Wanhao Duplicator 7, SparkMaker Anycubic Photon, Zortrax Inkspire and other printers that uses UV light for curing.

      Optimized for UV Lightsource 395 – 405 nm.

      Fast curing time, 4 – 10 (depending on color) seconds per layer for quicker prints.
      After printing clean you print in IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) to rinse of extra resin left. An even better choice is the Prima Creator Resin Cleaner, that doesn't have that strong smell.

      When it's time for curing you can use sunlight or a uv curing chamber.
      Depending on print the curing times can vary:

      In a UV light curing chamber, it will take about 2-5 minutes.
      In sunlight, 10-20 minutes.  
      In daylight on a cloudy day it can take up to 60 minutes.

      • Technical Specification  
        Flexural modulus: 420.8Mpa ±10%  Elongation at break: 75.7% ±10%10%
        Flexural strength: 12.6 MPa ±10% Hardness(Shore D): 75-78D ±10%
        Yield point elongation: 6.59% ±10% Glass transition temp.: 80℃
        Viscosity: 300-650 MPa·s  Density:1.05—1.25 g/cm3
        maximum pulling strength: 830N ±10% Notched impact strength: 736 j/m ±10%
        Tensile strength: 19.9 Mpa ±10% Absorb wavelength: 355-415nm
        Tensile Modulus: 197.4 Mpa±10%